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In mid-2011, RPS chose KMK to help the district manage its communication across multiple audiences. Messaging needed to be consistent, but targeted and tailored for parents, community members, business leaders and other valued partners.

KMK provides the district with full-service communications consulting, public relations and creative and design services. We love our work with the school district and are confident RPS 205 is in a strong position moving forward!

Readiness Rocks

KMK tackled the district’s challenge to creatively introduce its new initiatives with all of our brainpower. After several collaborative sessions, the “Readiness Rocks” theme was born, textually and visually illustrating the solid foundation being laid for the future of the district.

KMK helped organize an event to introduce Readiness Rocks to community leaders. KMK created the necessary collateral, including an informational handout, agenda, contact card and invitations, which were sent along with stones individually painted by art students at Lathrop Elementary.

Early Childhood Development

RPS provides several early childhood development programs to help parents with young children understand and facilitate their child’s development. Parents are given the support, tools and connections to ensure their child reaches his or her full potential. KMK created a series of informational brochures and fact sheets to give to interested parents and distributed throughout the community.

Kindergarten Enrollment

Many parents are unaware they need to formally enroll their child in kindergarten as early as January of the prior year to determine eligibility and ensure an open spot. To help get the word out, KMK created a campaign including a postcard, billboard and bus sign. We also provided public relations and media buying services.

Gifted Program

RPS’s gifted program is rated top in the state for student performance. To inform parents of the gifted program and invite them to attend an informational open house, we created postcards to be sent to parents’ homes and posters to be put up around town, coordinating the mailing list and printing to make sure the right target audience received the message.

District Map

RPS needed an update to its district map, which designates what school a child will attend based on his or her address. KMK redesigned the map to reflect the changes in zones and school locations. The cleaner, more user-friendly version has been very well received.

Public Relations

RPS is committed to improving the quality of education its students receive and KMK is committed to helping them spread the word. KMK provides ongoing communication strategy, consulting and public relations services to make sure the district’s messages are clearly crafted and reach the right audience via print and electronic media.

Rockford Chamber Annual Dinner Video

Education was the focus of this year's Rockford Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner. Keynote speaker Dr. Robert Willis, Interim Superintendent of the Rockford Public School District, further explained the District's five "Readiness Rocks" initiatives. KMK produced a video to help Dr. Willis reintroduce the initiatives and illustrate public support for them through testimonials from local business and community leaders.

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