As stated in The Wall Street Journal’s “Facebook Ads Become ‘Costlier’ Choice for Small Business, Facebook recently announced that it increased the average per ad price by 123% since last year. However, ad impressions declined by 25%, while Facebook’s revenue rose 67% to $2.68 billion. What does this mean for small-businesses? It means they will be paying more for ads even if they don’t result in sales.
If you’ve watched TV, used the Internet, visited a convenience store or been doing anything other than living under a rock for the last two weeks, you’ve no doubt seen some changes to the classic Coca-Cola bottles. Coke has switched things up a bit – swapping out three of their iconic logos on their 20 oz. beverages with seemingly random first names.
It seems that Facebook has conducted a secret psychology experiment on us without us even knowing about it! Apparently Facebook altered different users’ news feeds to showcase either positive or negative posts from their Facebook friends. They used this information to then see if the tone of their newsfeeds affected their own posts.
One of the most watched shows and talked about shows on social media today is Game of Thrones. If you’re not familiar with the show, the series covers several different plot lines across seven different kingdoms, while exploring issues of corruption, social hierarchy, loyalty, crime and punishment. Basically, if you want to watch a show that will send you on a roller coaster of emotional turmoil while watching it, this is it.
Snapchat is the phone app that quickly grew to popularity after its launch in 2011. The photo messaging application allows users to send photos and videos, also known as “snaps,” to friends. The catch was that the user gets to control how long the recipient can view the snap and after those seconds are up, the snap is gone forever.

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