I sat there looking at the illustration I had been working on for some time… upside down. My wife didn’t question me as many of my family members have learned not to. It was a “Dad or Gary thing” or maybe just what artists do. As the saying goes, “The left-handed are in their right minds.” Meaning of course, we use the creative side of our brains (
The “cerulean blue monologue” from The Devil Wears Prada will forever live rent-free in my mind. You know, the one where Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly succinctly reads Anne Hathaway’s Andy Sachs character for scoffing at the “triviality” of fashion while highlighting the countless designers, editors and visionaries it takes for a simple blue swea
Here at KMK we’re getting into the holiday spirit by reflecting on our favorite Christmas traditions. Unsurprisingly, many of them include baking and they all include loved ones. Pam's  favorite tradition is baking Christmas cookies with her three kids. "I started baking with them when they were very young and got more dough on the d
At a personal level, the holidays are the time of year to slow down, spend more time with family, and appreciate the little things. At a professionallevel, the holidays are the time of year to up your game and stay in the know. One way to do this is to incorporate the holiday spirit in your digital marketing strategies. This holiday seaso
It was October 26, 2020. I began my new position with KMK Media Group as their Graphic Designer. I felt blessed. After losing my position with a game and toy company I had been with for 20 years and a long search due to COVID, I had landed. I was given the option to work at home…remotely like so many businesses were doing. I was given a nice office
“Learn Graphic Design in 4 Short Weeks!” …has anyone else seen this Facebook ad? I have now seen it several times. As a professional graphic designer with formal training and more than 30 years of experience, the fact that the ad was targeted to me did, perhaps, color my perception of it right from the start. The comments from other Facebook viewer
“What difference does it make what color I use? I’m just going to use what I think looks good,” said many a graphic design intern I have mentored over the years. There is a logical reason for every color choice, but first, start with black and white. Begin your design process in simple black and white (and greys), because color plays a very importa
Ever see those jumbled up paintings? You know the kind where there are always at least three people standing around staring at it with one saying, “I don’t see anything. You’re both nuts.” And another responding, “What do you mean you don’t see it? They’re right there! Three dinosaurs! Just stare at it for a while, you’ll see it.” And the third per
It was believed to start in China. A strange virus able to spread quickly to the immune system of any one of us. It has no favorites and seems to most seriously affect the elderly and those with low immune systems. It soon spread throughout our country. Many thought they were invincible and refused wearing masks or taking precautions. They were bit
For better or for worse, this year’s slew of postponed and cancelled events has given people much more free time. If you’re one of Facebook’s nearly 3 billion users, you’ve likely spent more time scrolling through your newsfeed as a result. During that endless scrolling, you may have noticed some changes to the user experience that have been introd
The best candy will forever be a topic of debate. Fruity vs. chocolatey. Chewy vs. crunchy. Sweet vs. sour. Americans spend egregious amounts of money specifically on Halloween candy each year. In 2019, Americans spent $2.6 billion on Halloween candy, a number that’s rising in 2020 according to the National Confectioners Association. To celebrate t
Have you ever scrolled through Facebook and seen someone post a complaint about a product or customer service on a company’s post? The typical response is something along the lines of: “Hi, so-and-so. We are sorry to hear you had a bad experience and we would like to make things right. Please call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx so we can resolve the issue.” Su
If you’re unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s a 15-year-old website that has thousands of different groups or “subreddits” that users can join (picture Facebook groups, except that’s the entirety of the website). Each user-created subreddit (whose name is preceded by r/) is based around a topic that ranges from something general and popular like r/movies,
I recently read an article about “America’s Hottest Brands” in Ad Age magazine. The article covered the companies, products, and people that thrived during quarantine. Everyone remembers how the Tiger King and Michael Jordan were on every television in America. And who could forget how Zoom engulfed our everyday lives? Even on a local level, there
As a parent, my kids are looking forward to returning to school in person on September 2nd. I think all parents and students are eagerly anticipating the start of school and some sort of routine, no matter if it’s in person or remote learning. I’ve tried not to fan the flame of social media fires with explosive complaints, pleas for more informatio

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