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KMK is Getting into the Holiday Spirit!

Christmas Image of KMK Team

Here at KMK we’re getting into the holiday spirit by reflecting on our favorite Christmas traditions. Unsurprisingly, many of them include baking and they all include loved ones.

Pam's favorite tradition is baking Christmas cookies with her three kids. "I started baking with them when they were very young and got more dough on the dog and on the floor than they did in the bowl,” she laughed “but now in their teens, they are pretty good bakers!" Her favorite is peanut butter chocolate fudge passed down from her mom.

Gary's fondly remembers his mother's four different homemade shapes of sugar cookies: Santa, tree, star and bell. He explained, "Each of my siblings and I took turns frosting and sprinkling them. They had to be a specific way. Santa's were red with a beard and suit trim, stars were yellow, bells were blue, and trees were green." Lori's family also got in on the baking fun with a weekend long cookie baking extravaganza. She said, "The process may be long, but it is very rewarding in the end." It may have helped that her family owned a bakery where they made her favorite, animal cookie – a sweet bread pastry.

For Lexi, Christmas means ice skating in downtown Chicago. She loves “being in the city and seeing all of the festive lights." And Devin loves her family’s tradition of gift tags that are clues to the gift inside. “I think I look forward to reading my tags (and having my family read the ones I've written) and trying to guess the gift more than actually opening the present on Christmas morning." Shaun's favorite tradition is the Progressive Dinner that sees each member of his family hosting a different course at their house until “finally we go to my parents’ house for dessert."

Even for those of us who don’t count baking among our favorite holiday traditions, we still have nostalgic treats we look forward to every year. From Lexi’s grandmother’s recipe for homemade crescent moon cookies covered in powder sugar to the Sicilian chocolate spice cookies that always remind Devin of family, baking is clearly one of the best parts of the holidays.

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