oregon school district

KMK began working with the rural Oregon, IL school district more than ten years ago, promoting its rigorous curriculum, high-quality teachers, and championship athletics. KMK continues to provide graphic design and manage public relations.

branding/logo design

Oregon School District #220 never had a distinct brand until it hired KMK to assist with its overall image, messaging, and marketing materials. KMK worked with the superintendent and staff to develop a look that was unique to the successful district while focusing on key elements of its mission and goals.

graphic design

KMK has worked with the Oregon School District for years to develop a consistent narrative and brand across its marketing materials. KMK created engaging print and online marketing materials including brochures, annual reports and flyers communicating successful curriculum offerings in an attractive and visually engaging way.

public relations

Whether it’s volunteer opportunities, retirements, awards, or positive test scores, KMK successfully and consistently obtains media coverage for the district in local papers and regional electronic media outlets.