pearson plumbing and heating

For 15 years this plumbing, heating, cooling, and pest control company serving several counties in Northern Illinois, continues to look to KMK Media to manage its marketing, from media buying to TV production to print design. Since we first partnered with Pearson, service calls have jumped more than 20%.

branding/logo design

Whatever your problem, a Pearson Guy can help! KMK reinvigorated this age-old brand, bringing new vitality to the 50-year-old Pearson Guy with an updated look.

tv/video production

KMK took inspiration from the Midwest’s ever-changing weather to highlight Pearson’s expertise in both heating and cooling. The TV spot received a Gold Marcom International Award for its creativity in promoting Pearson’s year-round HVAC services to residential customers across Northern Illinois.

media buying

After creating Pearson’s TV and radio commercials, we need to make sure people see them! KMK handles Pearson’s media buying, bringing the Pearson Guy into people’s homes, cars, and computers keeping the company top of mind.