RAMP, an organization dedicated to serving those with disabilities, hired KMK to raise awareness of its mental health services.  The message? Every person has different mental health needs, but all can be met by RAMP. We created a theme and imagery for the campaign and implemented it across social media, TV, buses and billboards. As a result of KMK's marketing efforts, RAMP showed a 28% increase in Mental Health case loads during the campaign.

Graphic Design

When it came time to translate the campaign TV spot to print materials, we used distinct shoes to represent the different walks of life of people who experience mental health issues. Tying each marketing piece together strengthened the message and helped it stick in people’s minds.

Media Buying

KMK media researched and placed a 6-month ad campaign on TV, RMTD buses and multiple billboards around the Rockford area.

Social Media

KMK placed and created digital ads on Facebook and Instagram to reach thousands of people in the region. The digital campaign was seen by nearly 34,000 local residents, resulting in 864 engagements and nearly 600 click-throughs to the website.

TV/Video Production

Our marketing campaign started with the TV commercial. We used different shoe styles to represent that people from all walks of life can benefit from mental health assistance.