winnebago county

Winnebago County trusts KMK Media Group.  That’s why the County chose KMK to build its last three websites. The latest site features an updated design, enhanced accessibility for users on desktop and mobile and increased functionality, carefully using government dollars to maximize the return on the investment.

media buying

When Winnebago County received federal dollars to assist local residents with rent and utility payments during the pandemic, it turned to KMK to help spread the word.  KMK created a comprehensive marketing campaign including media buys, digital ads and public relations resulting in thousands of people benefitting from COVID relief dollars.

seo/digital advertising

Winnebago County hired KMK Media to strategize and implement a digital marketing campaign targeting low income residents needing rental assistance. KMK developed a four-month social media campaign using federal stimulus dollars that effectively hit the target at 225,936 people reached; 321,433 impressions; and 2,512 click-throughs to the rental assistance application.

website development

We created a user-friendly website as one of our most recent projects for Winnebago County. We knew it had to be easy-to-navigate and accessible for the community to find the tools and resources they need. The website has an attractive and engaging layout that is also easy for the County to maintain to provide the most up-to-date information to the community.